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Conference Paper
Sa Alaoui, Idrissi, Y. E. B. Eb, et Ajhoun, Ra, « Building Rich User Profile Based on Intentional Perspective », in Procedia Computer Science, 2015, vol. 73, p. 342-349.
Ha L'Amrani, Berroukech, B. Eb, Idrissi, YbEl Bouzekr, et Ajhoun, Ra, « Identity management systems: Laws of identity for models7 evaluation », in Colloquium in Information Science and Technology, CIST, 2017, p. 736-740.
Sa Alaoui, Idrissi, Y. E. BbEl, et Ajhoun, Ra, « Intentional approach to improve the discovery of Web services », in Proceedings - International Conference on Computer Vision and Image Analysis Applications, ICCVIA 2015, 2015.
Mab Ghenname, Abik, Ma, Ajhoun, Ra, Subercaze, Jb, Gravier, Cb, et Laforest, Fb, « Personalized recommendation based hashtags on e-learning systems », in 2013 3rd International Symposium ISKO-Maghreb, 2013.
Ha L'Amrani, Idrissi, YbEl Bouzekr, et Ajhoun, Ra, « The security of web services: Secure communication and identity management », in CEUR Workshop Proceedings, 2015, vol. 1580, p. 56-60.
Ba Faqihi, Daoudi, Nb, et Ajhoun, Ra, « Semantic Interoperability in the d-learning in the era of cloud computing: Simplicity or complexity », in 2013 International Conference on Interactive Collaborative Learning, ICL 2013, 2013, p. 56-60.
Aa Sara, Idrissi, YbEl Bouzekr, et Ajhoun, Ra, « Time aware recommendation », in Proceedings - 6th International Conference on Information and Communication Technology for the Muslim World, ICT4M 2016, 2016, p. 244-247.



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