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Conference Paper
M. D. E. - C. El Kettani et Debbagh, T., « NCSec-A national Cyber security Referential for the development of a code of practice in national Cyber security management », in ACM International Conference Proceeding Series, 2008, vol. 351, p. 373-380.
M. Dafir Ech- Kettani et Debbagh, T., « NCSecMM: A National Cyber Security Maturity Model for an Interoperable ``National Cyber Security'' Framework », in 9TH EUROPEAN CONFERENCE ON E-GOVERNMENT, PROCEEDINGS, 2009, p. 236-247.
M. D. E. - C. El Kettani et Debbagh, T., « NCSecMM: A national cyber security maturity model for an interoperable "National cyber security" framework », in Proceedings of the European Conference on e-Government, ECEG, 2009, p. 236-247.
A. Mountassir, Benbrahim, H., et Berrada, I., « The Nearest Centroid Based on Vector Norms: A New Classification Algorithm for a New Document Representation Model », in MACHINE LEARNING AND DATA MINING IN PATTERN RECOGNITION, MLDM 2014, 2014, vol. 8556, p. 442-456.
Y. Benkaouz, Erradi, M., et Kermarrec, A. - M., « Nearest Neighbors Graph Construction: Peer Sampling to the Rescue », in Networked Systems, NETYS 2016, 2016, vol. 9944, p. 48-62.
T. Chanyour, Hali, H. Chergui, et Saadane, R., « Network Coding for Energy Optimization and Throughput Enhancement of WideMac for IR-UWB based WSN », in 2015 27TH INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON MICROELECTRONICS (ICM), 2015, p. 47-50.
Ta Chanyour, Hali, HbChergui, et Saadane, Rc, « Network Coding for energy optimization and throughput enhancement of WideMac for IR-UWB based WSN », in Proceedings of the International Conference on Microelectronics, ICM, 2016, vol. 2016-March, p. 47-50.
N. Enneya, Oudidi, K., et Elkoutbi, M., « Network mobility in ad hoc networks », in 2008 INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON COMPUTER AND COMMUNICATION ENGINEERING, VOLS 1-3, 2008, p. 969-973.
Ha Bouirouga, Elfkihi, Sb, Jilbab, Ac, et Aboutajdine, Da, « Neural network adult videos recognition using jointly face shape and skin feature extraction », in VISAPP 2013 - Proceedings of the International Conference on Computer Vision Theory and Applications, 2013, vol. 1, p. 422-425.
M. R. Douiri, Cherkaoui, M., Nasser, T., et Essadki, A., « A neuro fuzzy PI controller used for speed control of a direct torque to twelve sectors controlled induction machine drive », in International Conference on Multimedia Computing and Systems -Proceedings, 2011.
Aa Elhassouny et Smarandache, Fb, « Neutrosophic-simplified-TOPSIS multi-criteria decision-making using combined simplified-TOPSIS method and neutrosophics », in 2016 IEEE International Conference on Fuzzy Systems, FUZZ-IEEE 2016, 2016, p. 2468-2474.
A. Elhassouny et Smarandache, F., « Neutrosophic-simplified-TOPSIS Multi-Criteria Decision-Making using combined Simplified-TOPSIS method and Neutrosophics », in 2016 IEEE INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON FUZZY SYSTEMS (FUZZ-IEEE), 2016, p. 2468-2474.
A. Naja, Essaaidi, M., Azzekhmam, M., et Boulmalef, M., « A new adaptive algorithm for data dissemination in Vehicular Ad hoc Networks », in PROCEEDINGS OF 2015 INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON ELECTRICAL AND INFORMATION TECHNOLOGIES (ICEIT 2015), 2015, p. 36-42.
Aa Naja, Essaaidi, Ma, Azzekhmam, Ma, et Boulmalef, Mb, « A new adaptive algorithm for data dissemination in Vehicular Ad hoc Networks », in Proceedings of 2015 International Conference on Electrical and Information Technologies, ICEIT 2015, 2015, p. 36-42.
A. Rouijel, Nsiri, B., Faqihi, A., et Aboutajdine, D., « A new approach for wireless communication systems based on IDMA technique », in 2010 5th International Symposium on I/V Communications and Mobile Networks, ISIVC 2010, 2010.
J. Oubaha, Habbani, A., et Elkoutbi, M., « New approach: Mapping of 802.11e into MPLS domains », in International Conference on Multimedia Computing and Systems -Proceedings, 2011.
M. H. El Yazidi, Zellou, A., et Idri, A., « A new approach of mapping », in 2013 3rd International Symposium ISKO-Maghreb, 2013.
M. Hafid El Yazidi, Zellou, A., et Idri, A., « A New Approach of Mapping », in 2013 3RD INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM ISKO-MAGHREB, 2013.
Ca Razouk, Benadada, Ya, et Boukachour, Jb, « New approaches for solving the container stacking problem », in Proceedings of the 3rd IEEE International Conference on Logistics Operations Management, GOL 2016, 2016.
C. Razouk, Benadada, Y., et Boukachour, J., « New approaches for solving the container stacking problem », in PROCEEDINGS OF THE 3RD IEEE INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON LOGISTICS OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT (GOL'16), 2016.
R. Elmeziane, Berrada, I., et Kassou, I., « A New Artificial Immune System for the Detection of Abnormal Behaviour », in SOFTWARE ENGINEERING, ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE, NETWORKING AND PARALLEL/DISTRIBUTED COMPUTING, 2008, vol. 149, p. 113-122.
F. El Bouanani, « A New Closed-Form Approximations For MRC Receiver Over Non-Identical Weibull Fading Channels », in 2014 INTERNATIONAL WIRELESS COMMUNICATIONS AND MOBILE COMPUTING CONFERENCE (IWCMC), 2014, p. 600-605.
E. F. Bouanani, « A new closed-form approximations for MRC receiver over non-identical Weibull fading channels », in IWCMC 2014 - 10th International Wireless Communications and Mobile Computing Conference, 2014, p. 600-605.
Y. Saissi, Zellou, A., et Idri, A., « A new clustering approach to identify the values to query the deep web access forms », in 2018 4th International Conference on Computer and Technology Applications, ICCTA 2018, 2018, p. 111-116.
A. Loutfi, Mohamed, S., Sabir, E., Kobbane, A., et Koutbi, M. El, « A new Cross layer Architecture for Service Differentiation in Wireless Sensor Networks », in 2013 IEEE MALAYSIA INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON COMMUNICATIONS (MICC), 2013, p. 92-97.




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