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K. Hafdi et Kriouile, A., « Designing ReDy distributed systems », in Proceedings - IEEE International Conference on Autonomic Computing, ICAC 2015, 2015, p. 331-336.
K. Hafdi et Kriouile, A., « Designing ReDy Distributed Systems », in 2015 IEEE INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON AUTONOMIC COMPUTING, 2015, p. 331-336.
A. Khtira, Benlarabi, A., et Asri, B. El, « Detecting Feature Duplication in Natural Language Specifications when Evolving Software Product Lines », in ENASE 2015 - PROCEEDINGS OF THE 10TH INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON EVALUATION OF NOVEL APPROACHES TO SOFTWARE ENGINEERING, 2015, p. 257-262.
M. Romadi, Thami, R. O. Haj, Chiheb, R., et Romadi, R., « Detection and recognition of road signs », in 2013 3rd International Symposium ISKO-Maghreb, 2013.
M. Romadi, Thami, R. Oulad Haj, Chiheb, R., et Romadi, R., « Detection and Recognition of Road Signs », in 2013 3RD INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM ISKO-MAGHREB, 2013.
M. Romadi, R. Thami, O. Haj, Romadi, R., et Chiheb, R., « Detection and recognition of road signs in a video stream based on the shape of the panels », in 2014 9th International Conference on Intelligent Systems: Theories and Applications, SITA 2014, 2014.
M. Romadi, Oulahhajthami, R., Romadi, R., et Chiheb, R., « Detection and recognition of road signs in a video stream based on the shape of the panels. », in 2014 9TH INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON INTELLIGENT SYSTEMS: THEORIES AND APPLICATIONS (SITA'14), 2014.
A. Ez Zahout, Youssef, H. Moulay, et Thami, R. Oulad Haj, « Detection evaluation and testing region incoming people's in a simple camera view », in 2012 SECOND INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON INNOVATIVE COMPUTING TECHNOLOGY (INTECH), 2012, p. 179-183.
A. Ezzahout, Youssef, H. M., et Thami, R. O. H., « Detection evaluation and testing region incoming people's in a simple camera view », in 2nd International Conference on Innovative Computing Technology, INTECH 2012, 2012, p. 179-183.
A. Sebbar, Boulmalf, M., M. Kettani, D. Ech- Cherif, et Badd, Y., « Detection MITM Attack in Multi-SDN Controller », in Colloquium in Information Science and Technology, CIST, 2018, vol. 2018-October, p. 583-587.
U. Bayram et Benhiba, L., « Determining a Person's Suicide Risk by Voting on the Short-Term History of Tweets for the CLPsych 2021 Shared Task », in Computational Linguistics and Clinical Psychology: Improving Access, CLPsych 2021 - Proceedings of the 7th Workshop, in conjunction with NAACL 2021, 2021, p. 81-86.
B. Elbhiri, Rachid, S., S. Fkihi, E., et Aboutajdine, D., « Developed Distributed Energy-Efficient Clustering (DDEEC) for heterogeneous wireless sensor networks », in 2010 5th International Symposium on I/V Communications and Mobile Networks, ISIVC 2010, 2010.
Aa Naghar, Aghzout, Oa, Alejos, AbVazquez, Sanchez, MbGarcia, et Essaaidi, Mc, « Development of a calculator for Edge and Parallel Coupled Microstrip band pass filters », in IEEE Antennas and Propagation Society, AP-S International Symposium (Digest), 2014, p. 2018-2019.
A. Naghar, Aghzout, O., Alejos, A. Vazquez, Sanchez, M. Garcia, et Essaaidi, M., « Development of a Calculator for Edge and Parallel Coupled Microstrip Band Pass Filters », in 2014 IEEE ANTENNAS AND PROPAGATION SOCIETY INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM (APSURSI), 2014, p. 2018-2019.
O. Gaidi et Baina, S., « DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION: COMPLEXITY AND NEED FOR A FRAMEWORK FOR ITS MANAGEMENT », in Proceedings of the 15th IADIS International Conference Information Systems 2022, IS 2022, 2022, p. 205-212.
M. R. Douiri, Cherkaoui, M., Nasser, T., et Essadki, A., « Direct electromagnetic torque control of induction motors powered by high power PWM inverters for two levels or three levels », in Progress in Electromagnetics Research Symposium, 2011, p. 1456-1460.
M. R. Douiri, Cherkaoui, M., Nasser, T., et Essadki, A., « Direct torque fuzzy controlled induction machine drive using an optimized extended Kalman filter », in 2011 International Conference on Communications, Computing and Control Applications, CCCA 2011, 2011.
S. Benlakhdar, Rziza, M., et Thami, R. O. H., « Directional data classification using a hierarchical model of von Mises distribution », in ACM International Conference Proceeding Series, 2017, vol. Part F129474.
A. K. Ea Ouahed, Erradi, Mb, et Azzoune, Hc, « A discovery service for automatic composition of web services oriented-agent », in Proceedings of the Workshop on Enabling Technologies: Infrastructure for Collaborative Enterprises, WETICE, 2013, p. 33-35.
C. Boudagdigue, Benslimane, A., Kobbane, A., et Elmachkour, M., « A Distributed Advanced Analytical Trust Model for IoT », in IEEE International Conference on Communications, 2018, vol. 2018-May.
E. Y. Ghayam et Erradi, M., « Distributed context management in collaborative environment », in 2011 11th Annual International Conference on New Technologies of Distributed Systems, NOTERE 2011 - Proceedings, 2011.
S. Ben Chekroun, Sabir, E., Kobbane, A., Tembine, H., Bouyakhf, E. - H., et Ibrahimi, K., « A Distributed Open-Close Access for Small-Cell Networks: A Random Matrix Game Analysis », in 2015 INTERNATIONAL WIRELESS COMMUNICATIONS & MOBILE COMPUTING CONFERENCE (IWCMC), 2015, p. 320-325.
Sa Ben Chekroun, Sabir, Eb, Kobbane, Ac, Tembine, Hd, Bouyakhf, E. - Ha, et Ibrahimi, Ke, « A distributed open-close access for Small-Cell networks: A random matrix game analysis », in IWCMC 2015 - 11th International Wireless Communications and Mobile Computing Conference, 2015, p. 320-325.
L. Ajallouda, Najmani, K., Zellou, A., et Benlahmar, E. H., « Doc2Vec, SBERT, InferSent, and USE Which embedding technique for noun phrases? », in 2022 2nd International Conference on Innovative Research in Applied Science, Engineering and Technology, IRASET 2022, 2022.
M. Lethrech, Elmagrouni, I., Nassar, M., Kriouile, A., et Kenzi, A., « Domain Specific Modeling Approach for Context-Aware Service Oriented Systems », in 2014 INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON MULTIMEDIA COMPUTING AND SYSTEMS (ICMCS), 2014, p. 581-587.




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