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Conference Paper
J. Oubaha et Elkoutbi, M., « 802.11 Mobile networks combined to QoS IP networks », in 2008 3rd International Conference on Information and Communication Technologies: From Theory to Applications, ICTTA, 2008.
J. Oubaha et Elkoutbi, M., « 802.11 Mobile Networks Combined to QoS IP Networks », in 2008 3RD INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON INFORMATION AND COMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGIES: FROM THEORY TO APPLICATIONS, VOLS 1-5, 2008, p. 2176-2180.
K. Ouaddi, Benadada, Y., et Mhada, F. Z., « Ant colony system approach for dynamic vehicles routing problem multi tours », in ACM International Conference Proceeding Series, 2017, vol. Part F129474.
Sa Ouhbi, Idri, Aa, Fernández-Alemán, J. Lb, Toval, Ab, et Benjelloun, Hc, « Applying ISO/IEC 25010 on mobile personal health records », in HEALTHINF 2015 - 8th International Conference on Health Informatics, Proceedings; Part of 8th International Joint Conference on Biomedical Engineering Systems and Technologies, BIOSTEC 2015, 2015, p. 405-412.
S. Boulmrharj, NaitMalek, Y., Elmouatamid, A., Bakhouya, M., Ouladsine, R., Zine-Dine, K., Khaidar, M., et Abid, R., « Approach for dimensioning stand-alone photovoltaic systems », in Energy Procedia, 2018, vol. 153, p. 56-61.
S. Ouhbi, Fernandez-Aleman, J. Luis, Idri, A., et Pozo, J. Rivera, « Are Mobile Blood Donation Applications Green? », in 2015 10TH INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON INTELLIGENT SYSTEMS: THEORIES AND APPLICATIONS (SITA), 2015.
Sa Ouhbi, Fernández-Alemán, J. La, Idri, Ab, et Pozo, J. Rc, « Are mobile blood donation applications green? », in 2015 10th International Conference on Intelligent Systems: Theories and Applications, SITA 2015, 2015.
M. Zouina et Outtaj, B., « An aspiring solution to the MITM bootstrap vulnerability », in Proceedings of the 29th International Business Information Management Association Conference - Education Excellence and Innovation Management through Vision 2020: From Regional Development Sustainability to Global Economic Growth, 2017, p. 1615-1622.
E. K. Ouahabi, Roky, K., O. Mrabet, E., Aznabet, M., et Ennasar, M. A., « Bandwidth Enhancement of Complementary Split Ring Based Antenna », in International Symposium on Advanced Electrical and Communication Technologies, ISAECT 2018 - Proceedings, 2019.
I. Kamal et Oubaha, J., « Car recognition using the bag of features method », in International Conference on Multimedia Computing and Systems -Proceedings, 2017, p. 99-102.
O. Ait Oualhaj, Kobbane, A., Elmachkour, M., Sabir, E., et Ben-Othman, J., « A Coalitional-Game-Based Incentive Mechanism for Content Caching in Heterogeneous Delay Tolerant Networks », in 2015 INTERNATIONAL WIRELESS COMMUNICATIONS & MOBILE COMPUTING CONFERENCE (IWCMC), 2015, p. 987-992.
O. Aa Oualhaj, Kobbane, Aab, Elmachkour, Ma, Sabir, Ec, et Ben-Othman, Jb, « A coalitional-game-based incentive mechanism for content caching in heterogeneous Delay Tolerant Networks », in IWCMC 2015 - 11th International Wireless Communications and Mobile Computing Conference, 2015, p. 987-992.
O. Aa Oualhaj, Sabir, Eb, Kobbane, Aac, Ben-Othman, Jc, et Koutbi, M. Ea, « A college admissions game for content caching in heterogeneous delay tolerant networks », in 2016 23rd International Conference on Telecommunications, ICT 2016, 2016.
O. Ait Oualhaj, Sabir, E., Kobbane, A., Ben-Othman, J., et Koutbi, M. El, « A College Admissions Game for Content Caching in Heterogeneous Delay Tolerant Networks », in 2016 23RD INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON TELECOMMUNICATIONS (ICT), 2016.
O. E. Aissaoui, Madani, Y. E. A. El, Oughdir, L., et Allioui, Y. E., « Combining supervised and unsupervised machine learning algorithms to predict the learners' learning styles », in Procedia Computer Science, 2019, vol. 148, p. 87-96.
F. Lachhab, Malek, Y. N., Bakhouya, M., Ouladsine, R., et Essaaidi, M., « A Context-Driven Approach using IoT and Big Data Technologies for Controlling HVAC Systems », in 2018 5th International Conference on Control, Decision and Information Technologies, CoDIT 2018, 2018, p. 694-699.
O. A. Oualahj, Kobbane, A., et Ben-Othman, J., « A Decentralized Control of Autonomous Delay Tolerant Networks: Multi Agents Markov Decision Processes Framework », in IEEE International Conference on Communications, 2018, vol. 2018-May.
A. Oussidi et Elhassouny, A., « Deep generative models: Survey », in 2018 International Conference on Intelligent Systems and Computer Vision, ISCV 2018, 2018, vol. 2018-May, p. 1-8.
N. Assad, Elbhiri, B., Faqihi, M. Ahmed, Ouadou, M., et Aboutajdine, D., « On the Deployment Quality for Multi-intrusion Detection in Wireless Sensor Networks », in PROCEEDINGS OF THE MEDITERRANEAN CONFERENCE ON INFORMATION & COMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGIES 2015 (MEDCT 2015), VOL 2, 2016, vol. 381, p. 469-478.
M. Romadi, Oulahhajthami, R., Romadi, R., et Chiheb, R., « Detection and recognition of road signs in a video stream based on the shape of the panels. », in 2014 9TH INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON INTELLIGENT SYSTEMS: THEORIES AND APPLICATIONS (SITA'14), 2014.
A. K. Ea Ouahed, Erradi, Mb, et Azzoune, Hc, « A discovery service for automatic composition of web services oriented-agent », in Proceedings of the Workshop on Enabling Technologies: Infrastructure for Collaborative Enterprises, WETICE, 2013, p. 33-35.
S. Najam, Dinkelaker, T., Erradi, M., et Ouzzif, M., « A Dynamic Proxy for Lightweight Web Service Composition », in 2012 INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON MULTIMEDIA COMPUTING AND SYSTEMS (ICMCS), 2012, p. 699-704.
Sa Ouhbi, Idri, Aa, Fernández-Alemán, J. Lb, Toval, Ab, et Benjelloun, Hc, « Electronic health records for cardiovascular medicine », in 2014 36th Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society, EMBC 2014, 2014, p. 1354-1357.
S. Ouhbi, Idri, A., Fernandez-Aleman, J. Luis, Toval, A., et Benjelloun, H., « Electronic Health Records for Cardiovascular Medicine », in 2014 36TH ANNUAL INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE OF THE IEEE ENGINEERING IN MEDICINE AND BIOLOGY SOCIETY (EMBC), 2014, p. 1354-1357.




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