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Conference Paper
S. Ezghari, Zahi, A., et Idri, A., « A Learning Adaptation Cases Technique for Fuzzy Analogy-based Software Development Effort Estimation », in 2014 SECOND WORLD CONFERENCE ON COMPLEX SYSTEMS (WCCS), 2014, p. 492-497.
S. Anter, Zellou, A., et Idri, A., « The hybrid integration system Towards a new approach for creating candidate views for materialization », in 2013 5TH INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON COMPUTER SCIENCE AND INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY (CSIT), 2013, p. 201-209.
A. Idri, Zakrani, A., Elkoutbi, M., et Abran, A., « Fuzzy radial basis function neural networks for web applications cost estimation », in 2007 INNOVATIONS IN INFORMATION TECHNOLOGIES, VOLS 1 AND 2, 2007, p. 21+.
A. Idri, Zakrani, A., et Abran, A., « Functional Equivalence between Radial Basis Function Neural Networks and Fuzzy Analogy in Software Cost Estimation », in 2008 3RD INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON INFORMATION AND COMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGIES: FROM THEORY TO APPLICATIONS, VOLS 1-5, 2008, p. 615+.
Y. Saissi, Zellou, A., et Idri, A., « Form driven web source integration », in 2014 9TH INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON INTELLIGENT SYSTEMS: THEORIES AND APPLICATIONS (SITA'14), 2014.
M. Hafid El Yazidi, Zellou, A., et Idri, A., « FGAV (Fuzzy Global as Views) », in INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON INTEGRATED INFORMATION (IC-ININFO 2014), 2015, vol. 1644, p. 236-243.
Y. Saissi, Zellou, A., et Idri, A., « Extraction of relational schema from deep web sources: a form driven approach », in 2014 SECOND WORLD CONFERENCE ON COMPLEX SYSTEMS (WCCS), 2014, p. 178-182.
A. Idri, Bachiri, M., Fernandez-Aleman, J. Luis, et Toval, A., « Experiment Design of Free Pregnancy Monitoring Mobile Personal Health Records Quality Evaluation », in 2016 IEEE 18TH INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON E-HEALTH NETWORKING, APPLICATIONS AND SERVICES (HEALTHCOM), 2016, p. 466-471.
K. Moumane, Idri, A., et Nafil, K., « An Empirical Evaluation of Mobile Software Usability Using ISO 9126 and QoS DiffServ Model », in NEW TRENDS IN SOFTWARE METHODOLOGIES, TOOLS AND TECHNIQUES, 2016, vol. 286, p. 177-188.
S. Ouhbi, Idri, A., Fernandez-Aleman, J. Luis, Toval, A., et Benjelloun, H., « Electronic Health Records for Cardiovascular Medicine », in 2014 36TH ANNUAL INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE OF THE IEEE ENGINEERING IN MEDICINE AND BIOLOGY SOCIETY (EMBC), 2014, p. 1354-1357.
A. Fath-Allah, Cheikhi, L., Al-Qutaish, R. E., et Idri, A., « An E-government Portals' Maturity Model - Architectural and Procedural Views », in 2016 11TH INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON INTELLIGENT SYSTEMS: THEORIES AND APPLICATIONS (SITA), 2016.
I. Kadi et Idri, A., « A decision tree-based approach for cardiovascular dysautonomias diagnosis », in 2015 IEEE SYMPOSIUM SERIES ON COMPUTATIONAL INTELLIGENCE (IEEE SSCI), 2015, p. 816-823.
A. Idri, Abnane, I., et Abran, A., « Dealing with Missing Values in Software Project Datasets: A Systematic Mapping Study », in SOFTWARE ENGINEERING, ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE, NETWORKING AND PARALLEL/DISTRIBUTED COMPUTING, 2016, vol. 653, p. 1-16.
I. Kadi et Idri, A., « Cardiovascular Dysautonomias Diagnosis Using Crisp and Fuzzy Decision Tree: A Comparative Study », in HEALTH INFORMATICS MEETS EHEALTH, 2016, vol. 223, p. 1-8.
S. Ouhbi, Fernandez-Aleman, J. Luis, Idri, A., et Pozo, J. Rivera, « Are Mobile Blood Donation Applications Green? », in 2015 10TH INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON INTELLIGENT SYSTEMS: THEORIES AND APPLICATIONS (SITA), 2015.




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