Analyzing trends in software product lines evolution using a cladistics based approach

TitreAnalyzing trends in software product lines evolution using a cladistics based approach
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2015
AuthorsBenlarabi, A, Khtira, A, B. Asri, E
JournalInformation (Switzerland)

Abstract: A software product line is a complex system the aim of which is to provide a platform dedicated to large reuse. It necessitates a great investment. Thus, its ability to cope with customers' ever-changing requirements is among its key success factors. Great effort has been made to deal with the software product line evolution. In our previous works, we carried out a classification of these works to provide an overview of the used techniques. We also identified the following key challenges of software product lines evolution: the ability to predict future changes, the ability to define the impact of a change easily and the improvement in understanding the change. We have already tackled the second and the third challenges. The objective of this paper is to deal with the first challenge. We use the cladistics classification which was used in biology to understand the evolution of organisms sharing the same ancestor and their process of descent at the aim of predicting their future changes. By analogy, we consider a population of applications for media management on mobile devices derived from the same platform and we use cladistics to construct their evolutionary tree. We conducted an analysis to show how to identify the evolution trends of the case study products and to predict future changes. © 2015 by the authors.




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