Coordinated control by ADRC strategy for a wind farm based on SCIG considering low voltage ride-through capability

TitreCoordinated control by ADRC strategy for a wind farm based on SCIG considering low voltage ride-through capability
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2022
AuthorsLaghridat, H, Essadki, A, Nasser, T
JournalProtection and Control of Modern Power Systems
Mots-clésActive and Reactive Power, Asynchronous generators, Co-ordinated control, Distribution algorithms, Disturbance rejection, Electric fault currents, Electric load dispatching, Electric power system control, Electric power system interconnection, Electric power transmission, Electric power transmission networks, Electric utilities, Grid code requirements, Lower Voltage Ride Through, Power control, Reactive power, Ridethrough capability, SCIG, Supervision, System stability, Wind farm, Wind generator systems, Wind power, Wind turbines

Wind farms are integrated with the power grid system to provide active and reactive power. Because in a wind farm, wind turbines (WTs) are highly coupled to their operating conditions, a central wind farm supervisory unit must take into account these conditions when producing power control references for each WT. The aim of this paper is to manage and control the active and reactive power of wind farms based on squirrel cage induction generators and back-to-back converters. The proportional distribution algorithm is used for distributing wind farm power to individual WTs. In addition, we consider the development of a local power management and control units for WTs. This is in order to extract the maximum available power from the wind, and to provide the active and reactive power predetermined by the transmission system operator, or to satisfy the grid code requirements considering Low Voltage Ride-through capability. The power dispatch strategy is to be used on all WTs using the distribution algorithm while ensuring the control loops using the proposed Active Disturbance Rejection Control strategy. The results demonstrate that the proposed strategies are efficient and can guarantee the safe integration of wind farms into the grid while respecting grid code requirements and power system stability. © 2022, The Author(s).




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