A distributed open-close access for Small-Cell networks: A random matrix game analysis

TitreA distributed open-close access for Small-Cell networks: A random matrix game analysis
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2015
AuthorsBen Chekroun, Sa, Sabir, Eb, Kobbane, Ac, Tembine, Hd, Bouyakhf, E-Ha, Ibrahimi, Ke
Conference NameIWCMC 2015 - 11th International Wireless Communications and Mobile Computing Conference

Nowadays, Small-Cells are widely being deployed to assist and improve performance of mobile networks. Indeed, they are a promising solution to improve coverage and to offload data traffic in mobile networks. In this paper, we propose a signaling-less architecture of the heterogeneous network composed of one single Macro Base Station and a Single Small-Cell. First, we construct a game theoretic framework for channel-state independent interaction. We present many conditions for the existence of Pure Nash equilibrium. Next, and in order to capture the continuous change of the channel state, we build a random matrix game where the channel state is considered to be random (potentially ruled by some given distribution). A characterization of Nash equilibrium is provided in terms of pure strategies and mixed strategies. Convergence to Nash equilibrium is furthermore guaranteed using a variant of the well-known Combined fully distributed payoff and strategy learning. Our algorithm converges faster (only 10-20 iterations are required to converge to Nash equilibrium) and only need a limited amount of local information. This is quite promising since it says that our scheme is almost applicable for all environments (fast fading included). © 2015 IEEE.




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