Efficient Dual Domain Decoding of Linear Block Codes Using Genetic Algorithms.

TitreEfficient Dual Domain Decoding of Linear Block Codes Using Genetic Algorithms.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2012
AuthorsAzouaoui, A, Belkasmi, M, Farchane, A
JournalJournal of Electrical & Computer Engineering
Pagination1 - 12
Mots-clésCoding theory, Computational complexity, Data transmission systems, Decoders (Electronics) – Software, Genetic algorithms, Performance evaluation

A computationally efficient algorithm for decoding block codes is developed using a genetic algorithm (GA). The proposed algorithm uses the dual code in contrast to the existing genetic decoders in the literature that use the code itself. Hence, this new approach reduces the complexity of decoding the codes of high rates. We simulated our algorithm in various transmission channels. The performance of this algorithm is investigated and compared with competitor decoding algorithms including Maini and Shakeel ones. The results show that the proposed algorithm gives large gains over the Chase-2 decoding algorithm and reach the performance of the OSD-3 for some quadratic residue (QR) codes. Further, we define a new crossover operator that exploits the domain specific information and compare it with uniform and two point crossover. The complexity of this algorithm is also discussed and compared to other algorithms [ABSTRACT FROM AUTHOR]




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