Fuzzified Double Game for Qos-Aware LTE-U and Wifi Coexistence in 5Ghz Band

TitreFuzzified Double Game for Qos-Aware LTE-U and Wifi Coexistence in 5Ghz Band
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2020
AuthorsHafaiedh, H, I. Korbi, E, Langar, R, Saidane, LA, Kobbane, A
Conference Name2020 Global Information Infrastructure and Networking Symposium, GIIS 2020
Mots-clésCarrier aggregations, Cellular network, Cellular radio systems, Cooperative game, Deployment scenarios, Fuzzy logic, Mobile telecommunication systems, Multiple operator, QoS-aware, Quality of service, Superior technique, Wi-Fi, WiFi systems, Wireless local area networks (WLAN)

In the current decade, cellular networks are facing the challenge of meeting aggressive data demand with limited licensed spectrum and LTE over the unlicensed band (LTE-U) has come as an effective way to defeat this problem. Using LTE-U along with superior techniques such as carrier aggregation (CA), it became possible to boost the performance of existing cellular networks. However, LTE-Ucan potentially deteriorate the performance of coexisting WiFi systems operating over the unlicensed bands if not well managed. Mainly because of the LTE-U's selfish nature of using the resources without sharing. In this paper, an effective coexistence mechanism between LTE-U and WiFi systems is being investigated. The point is to facilitate the cellular networks to use LTE-U with CA to satisfy the quality-of-service (QoS) of the users while protecting WiFi users, considering multiple operators in a dense deployment scenario. To resolve this problem, a double cooperative game will be used. That game will be implemented, in addition to the fuzzy logic, which will help us in resource allocation for users QoS. © 2020 IEEE.




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