Identity management systems: Laws of identity for models7 evaluation

TitreIdentity management systems: Laws of identity for models7 evaluation
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2017
AuthorsL'Amrani, H, Berroukech, BE, Y. Idrissi, EBouzekri E, Ajhoun, R
Conference NameColloquium in Information Science and Technology, CIST

The digital identity is the representation of an active entity (Person, actor), it's used by most systems to allow access to resources. When users are involved in many domains they should hardly remember a lot of authentication criterions for every access. They exist many identity management systems that aim to solve the issues in relation with digital identity. However, the problem of identification process and Cross-Domain target the digital identity use. In this work, we analyze the existing identity management systems within the laws of identity, which make a roadmap for managing the identities migration cross-domain. A comparative study between identity management systems based on the laws of identity as evaluation criteria of those systems is the main of this work. © 2016 IEEE.




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