Modeling and Enforcing Security and Service Control Policies using FlexRFID Middleware Healthcare Scenarios

TitreModeling and Enforcing Security and Service Control Policies using FlexRFID Middleware Healthcare Scenarios
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsKhaddar, MAjana El, Chraibi, M, Harroud, H, Boulmalf, M, Elkoutbi, M, Maach, A
PublisherMicrosoft; RK Trans2Cloud; Springer; IEEE Comp Soc, UKRI Sect; IEEE Computat Intelligence Soc, UKRI Sect; IEEE
ISBN Number978-0-9893193-1-7

RFID and WSN technologies are widely used in today's pervasive computing. In Wireless Sensor Networks, sensor nodes sense the physical environment and send the sensed data to the sink by multi-hops. WSN are used in many applications such as military and environment monitoring. In Radio Frequency Identification, a unique ID is assigned to a RFID tag which is associated with a real world object. RFID applications cover many areas such as Supply Chain Management (SCM), healthcare, library management, automatic toll collection, etc. The integration of both technologies will bring many advantages in the future of ubiquitous computing, through the provision of real-world tracking and context information about the objects. This will increase considerably the automation of an information system. In order to process the large volume of data captured by sensors and RFID readers in real time, a middleware solution is needed. This middleware should be designed in a way to allow the aggregation, filtering and grouping of the data captured by the hardware devices before sending them to the backend applications. In this paper we demonstrate how our middleware solution called FlexRFID handles large amount of RFID and sensor scan data, and executes applications' business rules in real time through its policy-based Business Rules layer. The FlexRFID middleware provides easy addition and removal of hardware devices that capture data, as well as uses the business rules of the applications to control all its services. We demonstrate how the middleware controls some defined healthcare scenarios, and deals with the access control security concern to sensitive healthcare data through the use of policies.




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