A new modified S-shaped compact antenna for RFID-UHF tag applications

TitreA new modified S-shaped compact antenna for RFID-UHF tag applications
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2015
AuthorsEnnasar, MAa, Berbia, Ha, Essaaidi, Ma, Mrabet, ObEl, Aznabet, Ib, Aznabet, Mb, Tedjini, Sc
Conference NameMediterranean Microwave Symposium

In this paper, a new modified S-shaped antenna for RFID -UHF tag application is presented. To provide a good conjugate matching between the S-shaped tag antenna and the ship, the technique of adding asymmetrical triangular stubs on both side of the tag chip was applied. The proposed tag antenna operating in the 915MHz RFID band proposed here has dimensions of only 51×43 mm2 and the operating bandwidth is from 909 to 920 MHz (to cover US Band) under -10dB reflection coefficient condition. Furthermore, the measured read range was found to be 0.56 m at 915 MHz. This small value makes the proposed antenna suitable for many RFID-UHF applications, especially those that may involve short reading distance. © 2014 IEEE.




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