Path planning of mobile sinks in charge of data gathering: A coalitional game theory approach

TitrePath planning of mobile sinks in charge of data gathering: A coalitional game theory approach
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2017
AuthorsKhoufi, I, Minet, P, Koulali, M-A, Kobbane, A
Conference Name2016 IEEE 35th International Performance Computing and Communications Conference, IPCCC 2016

Game theory is often used to find equilibria where no player can unilaterally increase its own payoff by changing its strategy without changing the strategies of other players. In this paper, we propose to use coalition formation to compute the optimized tours of mobile sinks in charge of collecting data from static wireless sensor nodes. Mobile sinks constitute a very attractive solution for wireless sensor networks, WSNs, where the application requirements in terms of node autonomy are very strong unlike the requirement in terms of latency. Mobile sinks allow wireless sensor nodes to save energy The associated coalition formation problem has a stable solution given by the final partition obtained. However, the order in which the players play has a major impact on the final result. We determine the best order to minimize the number of mobile sinks needed. We evaluate the complexity of this coalitional game as well as the impact of the number of collect points per surface unit on the number of mobile sinks needed and on the maximum tour duration of these mobile sinks. In addition, we show how to extend the coalitional game to support different latencies for different types of data. Finally, we formalize our problem as an optimization problem and we perform a comparative evaluation. © 2016 IEEE.




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