PIM-SM protocol with GRASP-RP selection algorithm based architecture to transparent mobile sources in multicast mobile IPv6 diffusion

TitrePIM-SM protocol with GRASP-RP selection algorithm based architecture to transparent mobile sources in multicast mobile IPv6 diffusion
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsBaddi, Y, Kettani, MDE-CEl
JournalJournal of Mobile Multimedia

Due to the progress of network multimedia technology, Internet research community has proposed many Different multicast routing protocols to support efficient real-time multimedia application such as, IPTV, videoconferencing, group games. These applications require a multicast routing protocol in which packets arrive to multicast receptors within a minimum delay and delay variation. Nevertheless, these protocols does not take into account that group members may be mobile and have not been designed for mobile members and roaming sources, and has not been tested in wireless and mobile environment since they were developed for multicast parties whose members and sources are topologically stationary. Recently, as the performance of mobile hosts rapidly improves and the bandwidth of wireless access networks grows up, the expectation for mobile multimedia communication services including many-to-many communications begins a big necessary. Studying and solving multicast issues in the stationary multicast infrastructure has been largely studied in the literature. However, fewer efforts have been spent in the specific problems of mobile members and sources caused by the frequent change of membership and point of attachment. The main problematic of the multicast IP protocols in a Mobile IP environment is the frequent change of membership and members location, this can rapidly affect quality of both routing protocol scheme and multicast tree used, especially, the scenario of handover where a mobile source moves from attachment point in one sub-network to another one in another sub-network is challenging. A multicast source is identified by its Home Address HA. Since IP mobility implies acquisition of a new topologically Care-of-Address CoA at each handoff resulting in a change of identity of the multicast source, however, the established multicast routing states are always based on the home address of the mobile source. This paper addresses the issue of mobile Multicast routing by presenting a PIM-SM based architecture with a GRASP-RP selection algorithm. The key idea of this work is to make the handover of multicast sources transparent and avoid the reconstruction of the entire multicast-based tree, by using an architecture based in PIM-SM multicast distribution trees to hide the mobility of a mobile multicast source from the main multicast delivery tree. To estimate and evaluate our scheme, we implement simulation based in many metrics, simulation results show that good performance is achieved in terms of handoff latency, end-to-end delay, tree construction delay and others metrics. © 2014 Rinton Press.




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