Proposition of a new ex-ante evaluation method for adapting and selecting ERP solutions.

TitreProposition of a new ex-ante evaluation method for adapting and selecting ERP solutions.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2015
AuthorsKhaled, A, Idrissi, MAbdou Jana
JournalE-Ti: E-Review in Technologies Information
Pagination34 - 47
Mots-clés0-1 linear Programing, Adaptation ERP, Choquet Integral, Couverture fonctionnelle, Enterprise resource planning, ERP Evaluation, ERP Functional coverage, ERP Selection, ERP Tailoring, Évaluation ERP, Intégrale de Choquet, Linear programming, MACBETH, Programmation linéaire à variables binaires, Sélection ERP

Acquiring an ERP system is one of the most risky, tedious and complex decision making activities for any organization. It has been widely reported that selecting an inappropriate ERP is one of the major reasons for its implementation failure. In this paper, we will develop a new ex-ante evaluation method for ERP system tailoring and selection. The proposed method, called SEVALERPS (Systematic Evaluation of ERP Systems), is basically elaborated to help organizations, especially large ones, to better customize and evaluate the potential ERP solutions in order to choose the ones that meet their best requirements’ tradeoff. SEVALERPS relies on many sound mathematical techniques to handle various evaluation aspects: 0-1 linear programming to choose the best ERP tailoring scenarios, MACBETH to express the preferences of the selection team in both a qualitative and quantitative way, and the discrete Choquet integral to address interdependencies that might exist among evaluation criteria. (En




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