Software cost estimation for global software development: A systematic map and review study

TitreSoftware cost estimation for global software development: A systematic map and review study
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2015
AuthorsBajta, MaEl, Idri, Aa, Fernández-Alemán, JLb, Ros, JNb, Toval, Ab
Conference NameENASE 2015 - Proceedings of the 10th International Conference on Evaluation of Novel Approaches to Software Engineering

Software cost estimation plays a central role in the success of software project management in the context of global software development (GSD). The importance of mastering software cost estimation may appear to be obvious. However, as regards the issue of customer satisfaction, end-users are often unsatisfied with software project management results. In this paper, a systematic mapping study (SMS) is carried out with the aim of summarising software cost estimation in the context of GSD research by answering nine mapping questions. A total, of 16 articles were selected and classified according to nine criteria: publication source, publication year, research type, research approach, contribution type, software cost estimation techniques, software cost estimation activity, cost drivers and cost estimation performances for GSD projects. The results show that the interest in estimating software cost for GSD projects has increased in recent years and reveal that conferences are the most frequently targeted publications. Most software cost estimation for GSD research has focused on theory. The dominant contribution type of software cost estimation for GSD research is that of models, while the predominant activity was identified as being software development cost. Identifying empirical solutions to address software cost estimation for GSD is a promising direction for researchers.




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