Towards the implementation of semantic interoperability of information systems via technique of matching: Issue and prospective

TitreTowards the implementation of semantic interoperability of information systems via technique of matching: Issue and prospective
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2012
AuthorsFaqihi, B, Daoudi, N, Ajhoun, R
PublisherIEEE; Carinthia Tech Inst; IAOE; IELA; IGIP; Online Journals
ISBN Number978-1-4673-4924-6

It is very important first to state that the emergence of the e-commerce and e-government or the electronic libraries perform a necessity to have an access to multiple resources of information. Otherwise, these sources are not necessarily homogenous, either on the syntactic or semantic standard. For the semantic component, the conflicts appear when the systems don't have the some interpretation of exchanged information. Let me give you example which I think bring out what I mean by this, the existing systems are completely heterogeneous, geographically remote and developed under different platforms in the field of E-learning yet, they need to collaborate, exchange, and re-use the data and services by keeping the same meaning. In other words, the user (learner) must have transparent way in all these resources and information in which he is in need although He belongs to other difference. Despite the fact that these resources and information's interpretations don't change on system to another, this issue is well-known by semantic interoperability in the research field of information. This concept in identified by the ability to interpret and use exchanged data not only the content but also in the meaning. {[}01] Many solutions can be suggested by relying on semantic web approach and basing on ontology. These are instances by which we can describe the structure, semantic content and system's objective. This detailed description permits the systems to understand the semantic of exchanged data, to facilitate their localization and to ensure their integration. {[}03] Our direction in this research aimed at finding on approach which responds to semantic issue in domain of learning at the moment the exchange of the information of each interpreted system. And analyze the shared content in its own ontology and treat it in coherent manner without losing its meaning. The major challenge of this approach is how to compare and identify the correspondence among concepts of different ontology systems. There are three major approaches; we can state them as follow: integrated approach, the federated approach and the unified approach. {[}03] Our article is intended to elaborate a comparative study between these approaches, to study the benefits and limits of each approach and perform hosed choice. This technique might permit to a good response to the problem of semantic interoperability.




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