The Uplink Capacity Evaluation of Wireless Networks: Spectral Analysis Approach.

TitreThe Uplink Capacity Evaluation of Wireless Networks: Spectral Analysis Approach.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2010
AuthorsKobbane, A, El-Azouzi, R, Ibrahimi, K, Samanta, SKumar, Bouyakhf, E-H
JournalJournal of Computing & Information Technology
Pagination1 - 17
Mots-cléscall admission control, Data transmission systems, Markov processes, Matrix-Geometric method, Mobile communication systems, spectral analysis approach, Spectrum analysis, Telecommunication systems, Wireless communication systems, wireless networks

In this paper we study the capacity of wireless cellular network, in particular the uplink of WCDMA system by using the two dimensional continuous-time Markov chain (CTMC) technique. Considering two types of calls: real-time (RT) calls characterized by a quasi fixed transmission rate, and best-effort (BE) calls which do not require strict demand but need some reliability conditions, we develop an approach based on the spectral analysis for evaluating the cell capacity. We explicitly obtain the simultaneous distribution of the number of RT connections and the number of BE connections in the steady-state. This analysis allows us to simplify the computation of the performance measures including expected delay and throughput of BE traffic. These performances are obtained explicitly in both cases (finite and infinite) of BE calls as function of system parameters like arrival rate of BE and RT calls, service rate of BE and RT calls. These results allow the operator to evaluate the cell capa




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