Séminaire sur la "Recherche dans les Données Cryptées" par Dr Tarik Moataz (Brown University, USA)

 Le 7 Novembre 2017 à 10h

Dr Tarik Moataz (Brown University, USA), donnera un séminaire à l'ENSIAS le Mardi 7 Nov à 10h sur la "Recherche dans les Données Cryptées".


Cloud services offer reduced costs, elasticity and a promised unlimited managed storage space that attract many end users. File sharing, collaborative platforms, email platforms, backup servers and file storage are among many services now essential for everyday use. 

Unfortunately, many users remain reluctant towards fully adopting cloud services due mainly to concerns related to data confidentiality. Several devastating cyber attacks have demonstrated that users sensitive information is prone to disclosure. A traditional countermeasure against such devastating data breaches consists of encrypting users data so that even if a data breach occurs, an adversary cannot extract any meaningful information. Unfortunately, such solution impedes most of cloud services, and in particular, search which is one of the most important functionality. Therefore, an important research question that we need to answer is: how to securely search over encrypted data while maintaining an efficient query, communication and storage complexity? 

In this talk, I will give an overview of several cryptographic primitives that solve this question. In particular, I will detail the different security and efficiency guarantees offered by each, enumerate the last research advances and list some of the remaining open questions in the encrypted search area. 



Tarik Moataz is a Postdoctoral Research Associate in Computer Science at Brown University working with Seny Kamara. He received a French-American joint Ph.D. degree from Institut Mines-Telecom Atlantique and Colorado State University. His main research area is applied cryptography and, especially, its intersection with algorithms and data structures.



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